View CCD Info

In this form the CCD Info, which is read from the camera, is viewed.

You get this form: View - CCD Info

If no camera was found, the values of a ST-7 will be viewed, and an error message is shown.

Selecting dummy camera's:
You can also select of some dummy CCD's, but if you have selected a dummy CCD, you can take no images.
You can check the Settings form and see the properties of the selected camera. (no guarantee that all properties are correct, as I only own a ST-7)
Before taking an image after selecting a dummy camera , select Read CCD Info again from the camera.

I also can not guarantee, that WinScan will run with all that cameras, as the program is tested with a ST-7 only. I you have an other camera and do not get it working with WinScan, please send me some information, also related to the CCD Info (like: camera type, type number, number of readoutmodes), and I will see if I can fix that. I you get your camera working with WinScan, please also tell me and send me some comments.