Change initial dir

Change the initial dir to store the images.

WinScan may create sub directories in this dir, if at "Settings Computer", "Create new directories by date" is selected.

Select a drive
Select a directory
Press OK

Press "Cancel" if you don't want to change the directory
Press "Help" to get Help to this Form
"Standard" will go to "...\WinScan\images"
"Show File List Box" to show the files stored in the current dir
"Create dir/change dir" Create a new directory and go to that directory.
"Show Open Dialog" will show an Open Dialog, to change the directory, click on a a file in that dir. This dialog can be also used to select Folders in a Network
"Select Directory Dialog" an other Dialog.
"Select Special Folders" to select a special Folder like MyDocuments... . Select a folder form the Combo Box and press the button