Chose an algorithm to set Time by a GPS receiver

You get this Form:
Time - Set time by GPS receiver - Chose Algorithm
You only need to change the algorithm if the results are
not exact, for example if you are using a special USB to seriall Adapter.

At the left side of this form you see the settings to calculate the frequency of the CPU.
and at the right side to calculate the time.

Algorithm: Chose an algorithm.
Mean: Exact, but sensitive to outliers so "remove suspect values" should be checked
Median: a robust estimator
Winsorized mean: also a robust estimator, values high and low end are replaced. At "GPS - Settings" Seconds to get time must be high enough (> 30)

% Winsorized mean: percentage of the values which are replaced, for example if ther are 40 values and 10 % then the values are sorted and 2 values at the start and 2 values at the end are replaced by most extreme remaining values. Only used by Winsorized mean. Should be about 10 % .

Remove suspect values > Std_Dev * X Calculates the standard devation for all values and the mean standard devation and removes that values, with:
standard devation > mean_standard_devation * X
To remove outliers. Used by all algorithms. Value in the edit field should be about 2.0 to 3.0

Trace calculation: Gives you a lot of information about the calculations in the ListBox. All 3 algorithms are compared.