GPS Settings

Form to fill in Settings related to GPS

COM: fill in number of the COM port your GPS receiver is connected

Baud: Baud rate, default: 4800 or more if many NEMA sentences are transmitted

PPS : Pulse per second, cable should be connected to CTS (clear to send) or to DSR, if PPS is not supported by your receiver, try RXCHAR (less exact, about 35? ms later )

Seconds to get time: about 21 or more, program checks 21 PPS to get the GPS time.

System timer minutes ahead UT: can not be changed in this form, is set by WinScan (can be changed at "Change Time and Date") This is only related to the system timer, the WinScan timer must be always at UT

Additional Offset: is added, when setting Timers, only if there is a time lag transmitting the PPS, should be 0.0 elsewhere


use "Auto: GetGPSTime, Set Timers" in the GPS-Form .
try's many times to get valid data and sets the timers after that (may take a while).
GPGSA or GPGSV is needed, if "number of sats used >=" is set to a value >0
Data is valid: if checked, timers are only set if the data is valid (no receiver warning)
number of sats used >= : timers are only set, if number of sats used by the receiver is >= this number , try 3 or 0
Offset <= : set timers only, if the offset of the GPS Time and the WinScanTimer is smaller or equal. Try 20.0 if the WinScanTimer is set to the current time, or a huge value if the current time of the WinScanTimer is uncertain.
SetSystemTimer: if checked, the System Timer will be set.
SetWinScanTimer: if checked, the WinScanTimer will be set
Frequency of WinScanTimer: If SetWinScanTimer is also checked, WinScanTimer and Frequency will be set.