Control image

In this Form a control image is shown, while an image is taken.

This Control image has the only function, to see if every thing works, while the image is taken.
It is independent form the Control image, whether the image is stored on the hard disk or not
See also: Settings Computer - view a control image or not.
(This Form will be shown, even if that item is set to "View no control image", but then no image is shown. You need this -Form, if you want to stop the image by pressing "Esc")
And: Settings- Focus (The image is not stored, if Focus is checked)
Taking a drift scan image, (or Speckle image or Fast scan image) it is shown line after line.
(The lines are also stored on the hard disk line after line, while taking an image)
If the bottom of the Form is reached, the next line is shown at the top, and the following lines will cover the lines which are already shown
The auto contrast function of the control image works on a per line basis.
While a bright object passes, the value of the background to display the line is set higher, after that the background is set lower again after some time.
So there may be some artificial horizontal structures, in the control image, not in the stored image file.
There are used different functions to view the control image for standard, drift scan, sub array, speckle and fast scan images.
When taking many standard images by the auto grab function, a standard image is shown, after it is complete. Taking one standard image, it is shown while it is read out line by line.
When the image is complete, a message is shown.
To see the whole image, after it is taken, use ViewScan or an other program.
(ViewScan has a button, labeled "WS" to load the last image taken by WinScan)
You can press the "Esc" key / button, to stop the image.
(Only if Settings - "Brake(ESC) while taking an image" is enabled)
The "Hide" button will hide this form.
While an image is taken, you should not change to an other form or to an other program
Mousing should be avoided
Taking a standard image, you will see the WinScan main form, while the image is exposed.
Taking a Sub array image, this Form is shown, after a short time, when the exposure is complete, the lines will be shown, while they are read out.

The "Help" button will show this help.
The "Clear" button will clear this Form.