A program to control astronomical CCD-Cameras

Version 2.30

WinScan is a program to control astronomical CCD-Cameras made by SBIG with parallel port, USB or Ethernet
It offers features like taking drift scan images, standard images (stare mode) , fast scan images , sub array images, speckle images, fast scan images, partial TDI-images, sub frame images and to use a fast focus function.
It will work using parallel port, USB and Ethernet cameras.
This program is a beta version
WinScan is specialized to take drift scan images, for standard images better use an other program
The sub array image, speckle image, fast scan image, sub frame image and fast focus functions are experimental

WinScan will run at Windows 98 or Me,
and at NT, 2000 or XT and Vista

WinScan needs a computer with a Pentium or compatible processor.
Using SpeedStep processors the speed step feature must be disabled.
It is recommended to run some tests before using the program regularly.