Set Ra, DEC, Time, Date

This form will be shown, when you press the "Chose RA, DEC, Position telescope, related to time and date" button on the "Settings Information's" form.

The RA of an image can be stored in the file header.
The DEC will be also stored in the file header
All values of RA and DEC are related to the epoch J2000
If you change the DEC in this form and press OK , the Settings Form will be shown (to calculate sec per line) (just press "Hide" in that form)
If the telescope is fixed, and the RA (and DEC) is known for one time, the RA (and DEC) can be calculated for every time, and will be stored in the file header.
If you are using a telescope, pointing to a fixed position at the sky, or if you are using some known positions (marked at the setting circles) , then you can use this form to set the RA (and DEC) and the related Time and Date.
If you are using a telescope with a clock drive, you can fill in the RA, DEC, Time and Date when you shut of the clock drive. The time and date must be related to the same time zone, WinScan uses (should be UT)
You can add RA and Time and Date to the ListBox and store it. (for example, if you marked some positions at your setting circles)
You can chose an item form the ListBox
You can take a drift scan image, (larger then 2 * Height_CCD), use ViewScan to calculate the RA, DEC and store it.
Or take a standard image and use an other astrometrie program which stores the RA and DEC in the file header
The RA, DEC and Time and Date of this image can be read by pressing " Get RA,DEC, Time,Date form image"
Check the RadioButton " drift scan" if you read RA, time and date from a drift scan image
The RA, DEC is the RA, DEC of the center of the CCD
or of the center of the image at the midexposure time of the center of the image
After choosing RA, DEC,Time and Date (shown in the Edit fields), press OK

Comment:(EditField) Comment to store in the ListBox. (example: Position number on the setting circles )
DEC:(EditField) Fill in the DEC of the center of the CCD.
RA:(EditField) Fill in the RA of the center of the CCD.
Date: (EditField)Fill in the Date related to the RA. (check time zone in the Time Date From)
Time: (EditField)Fill in the Time related to the RA.(check time zone in the Time Date From)
Now: (Button) The time now is filled in.
Help: (Button) This form is shown.
Add to ListBox: (Button) RA, DEC, Time, Date, Comment will be added to the ListBox.
Get RA, DEC, Time, Date from selected item in the ListBox: (Button) copies the values to the EditFields.
Get RA, DEC, Time, Date form image: Reads / calculates the values from an image, in the header of that image RA and DEC must be stored (by an astrometrie program like ViewScan)
drift scan / standard : (RadioButtons) Select if the image, form which you want to read in the values is a standard or a drift scan image.
Save to : (Button) Save the ListBox to a file.
Load from : (Button) Loads ListBox form a file.
Clear ListBox: (Button) Clears the ListBox.
Delete selected: (Button) Deletes the selected item in the ListBox.
OK (Button) When you are ready, press this button to use the values in WinScan.
Cancel (Button) Do not change the values - discard changes in this form

( The epoch for RA,DEC is J2000.0 .(like in all new catalogs) The precession is regarded, not aberration and nutation . Changes in the refraction are not calculated.
The accuracy should be better than 1 '' in one year .The DEC will be also calculated new, but it will change noticeable only after years. It is recommended to read in the RA, DEC, Time, Date form a new image from time to time.
The sec per line (readout rate, SHIFTIME) in the Settings Form is calculated like this: Check if the RA is < 750 . If not, it is assumed that the DEC in the Settings form is the DEC of the current epoch. If the RA is <750, calculate the current RA, DEC from the RA, DEC, Time, Date set in this form. Form this RA, DEC (epoch J2000) the DEC of the current epoch is calculated and form this DEC the sec per line is calculated. )