There are to ways to control WinScan by scripting:

1. Use WinScan as a COM Server for scripting, for example by vbs.
This may be easier than( 2)
See also:
WinScanScript, use WinScan as server

2. Use the intern Interpreter (WinScanScript)
This is a self brew language. Some commands of that language can be also passed by (1).
Open WinScanScript Help File

Example for 1:
'vbs example:
' save as vbs file,  Visual Basic script
 ' run that file
 ' assumed the Settings in WinScan have been changed before

Dim obj1
Dim FileName
Dim WshShell

Set obj1=CreateObject("Project_CCD_control.WinScan")
 'create WinScan

obj1.EvaluateAString("NoMessages 1")
 ' do not show Messages

Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
WScript.Sleep 20000 ' wait 20 sec, until WinScan connected to the camera

FileName=obj1.EvaluateAString("TakeDriftScanImage")  ' take drift scan image
                           ' EvaluateAString is used to pass WinScan script commands
                           ' to WinScan

MsgBox(FileName)  ' Show a message Box, after the image is complete