Set initial dir

This form can be used to change the initial dir,
where the image files will be stored.
A new directory can be also created.
See also: "Settings Computer "
If in "Settings Computer" the option:
"Create directory's by date (YYMMDDa)"
is activated, it will be created a new directory if the date changes, or it the time changes form am to pm or from pm to am.
(Time form the intern WinScan timer, this may be set to UT)
If this option is not activated,
the files will be stored in the initial dir.
In the DirectoryListBox, you can click to change the directory
click right to show the context menu.
To access network folders or the desktop or so,
use the "OpenDialog" button
The "SelectDirectory" button shows an other dialog in Win95 style .
Press OK when you have chosen the initial directory.
Press Cancel, if you do not want to change the directory.