Settings Temperature

Use that form to set and control the temperature of the CCD

You should check this form, every time you start the program
Temperature regulation: Set it On or Off (check the Setpoint also)
Setpoint: Fill in the temperature in one of the white Edit fields. ( You may use Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin). (Chose a temperature <0° Celsius, the power should be < 90 %, after reaching the temperature )
The decimal separator in this program is ".".
After doing that, press the "Change Setpoint" button.
If you see a red label left of this button, the setpoint in the CCD differs from the Setpoint in the white Edit field, so press the button.

When you exit the program, you will be asked, if you want to shut down the temperature regulation.
You can keep it on, if you only want to start an other CCD- control program (CCDOPS or so) .
If you want to stop CCD - imaging you should shut down the temperature regulation.

freeze regulation: The cooler will work on a constant power without regulating the temperature. (Should not be used)
unfreeze regulation: The cooler will be regulated on a constant temperature again

The Edit fields are showing information's related to the temperature regulation.

Cool down slowly: Cools down with a power of maximal 80 % until a deep temperature is reached with that power. Then the setpoint is set to the next higher temperature t mod 5 = 0 , like -25 , -20, -15 ... .
Warm up slowly: Warms up slowly and then shuts of the temperature regulation.
Stop: Stops "Cool down slowly" or "Warm up slowly".
In the ListBox at the right the temperature of the CCD and the power are added every 10 sec, when using the "Cool down slowly" function.