Set time by an internet time server (SNTP)

"Menu: Time-Set time by SNTP internet server"
or "Set time by SNTP" button:
If you click on that item, the SNTP form will be shown.
You can set the system timer and the intern timer of WinScan by an internet time server (SNTP)
An internet connection is required, a permanent internet connection is recommended.

Windows Vista:
There are some problems to use a SNTP internet time server to set the time in WinScan.
Windows: Stop W32Time Service (Windows time service )
WinScan - SNTP form - Get Time Tab Sheet - SNTP is Active: Checked

Getting started:
You have to find out the coordinates of your location.
Fill them in, when the program asks for.
North , East .
(West: negative)
Los Angeles: North 34, East - 118, fill in, when asked for:
More examples: Towns Location:+N, +E;
- S , - W

Fill in Format for Location like:
For South or West add "-" like:

mm= minutes

Select the Tab Sheet "Get Time"
Press "Setup"
Follow the instructions:
You will be asked for your location.
The servers will be sorted by distance.
The program will delete all servers, except the nearest.
Then you have to connect to the internet.
The program checks all servers, and try to request time.
The servers will be sorted by performance.
Only the Top 5 servers will be checked after that.
You may not need all 5 severs, may be only one or two servers to get the exact time, uncheck the servers you do not need.

WinScan - SNTP form:
Get Time Tab Sheet::
Set Timer: Should be checked (sets both, the intern and the system timer.)
Calibrate intern timer: You may calibrate the frequency of the CPU by an internet time server, calling the time server a second time after about one hour. The frequency calculated by this is shown in the "Status" Tab Sheet or in the "Change Time and Date Form" in the grey "Frequency of the CPU" field near the top . If you always want to use that frequency, copy it to the Edit field near the bottom of the "Change Time and Date Form" and press the "Use this frequency" button and check the "always use the current frequency... " CheckBox.
SNTP active: Should be checked, except you run a second program to request time servers (Should be avoided), if you use this program as a time server, it must be checked.
Call every second: Should be unchecked, only check this, if you not taking images
Seconds: only if "Call every second" is checked, about >600 should be ok
Get Time button:
Press this to call an internet time server. If "Set Time" is checked, the intern and the system timer will be set.
Setup button: See "Getting started near the top of this page"
Set your Location button: Fill in the coordinates of your location.
CheckListBox1: Try the right mouse button for a context menu. Click the checkboxes to select the servers, you want to call.
Connect: Connect to the internet. Hang up: Disconnect.
Servers Tab Sheet:
To add or edit servers.

Settings Tab Sheet:
Edit Field "Minutes ahead UT (intern timer)" : Should be 0 (Your intern WinScan timer should be set to UT)
Edit Field "Minutes ahead UT (system timer) " : Fill in the number of minutes, your system timer is ahead UT
Check Box "Use intern Timer (Clock cycle counter) " : Should be checked.
SNTP version number: Should be 4. (version, the requested internet time server uses)
Write Offset File: Can be checked for very long images (more then one hour), a permanent internet connection is required. Don't use "Connect automatically, Hang up automatically", there may be delays when reading the lines from the CCD. I am going to implement a feature to ViewScan to read that offset file and correct the mid exposure times by the values in that file. (not implemented in ViewScan yet) . The offset is checked, if linenumber mod x == 0 , fill in a value of about 5000 - 50000 for x . Not implemented for fast scan images.

Call server at program start: may be checked.
Act as time server: Use WinScan as time server for other computers.
Connect automatically: Connect to the internet, every time the time is requested. Unchecked for lan.
Hang up automatically:Disconnect, after the time was requested. Unchecked for lan.
Edit Field "Seconds needed to dail": Should be about 5.
Status Tab Sheet: To check if the program works.
Details, Debug, Results, Compare Tab Sheets: Only to debug the program, ignore that tab sheets.

WinScan Tab Sheet:
Set Timer at the start of an image: Should be checked, a permanent internet connection is recommended or check at "Settings - Connect automatically (and Hang up automatically)" .
Calibrate timer: Recommended if you want to take many images, each longer than about one hour. Set Timer at the start of an image must be also checked

If you take large number of images in a short time, uncheck "Set Timer at the start of an image" and call the time server manually, form time to time.
Check the Status if everything works.