Sub Frame Image

A sub frame image is taken like:
The telescope follows the star.
1 dump all lines of the CCD to clear it
2 wait about 0.05 sec
3 dump the lines between the sub frame and the readout register
4 read out the lines of the sub frame and store them
goto 1

To take a sub frame image:
Change the settings at: Camera - Settings
The tracking CCD should be used.
1 x 1 binning should be used.
Select the sub frame tab sheet.
Fill in: number of frames (100 or more)
Y start pos of sub frame (distance to the top of the image).
Exposure time: about 0.05 sec.
Height of frame: about 40.

Chose: Camera - Take sub frame image.
The image will be taken. All sub frames are saved in one file, the first at the top.
In the time stamp file it will be saved the start and the end of the exposure of every sub frame.