This program is written by Christoph Flohr.(not by SBIG) It is using drivers from SBIG. It can be used to take drift scan images (TDI= time delay integration) with astronomical CCD cameras from SBIG (only those which were using the parallel port or USB or Ethernet). I have tested the program with my ST-7 and it was reported to me, that it also works with a ST-8 and with SBIG cameras using USB interface. If you got it work with other SBIG CCD-Cameras, please tell me about your experiences with it. This program is a beta version. All rights reserved. Private use of this version is free. No warranty. The author assumes no liability for damages, direct or consequential, which may result from the use of WinScan .

Please send me all your remarks / comments / questions as an e-mail to :
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If there are problems with WinScan, please send me a description of the problem and the *.ini file saved with the image.

My web side(extern link)(www.driftscan.com)
It would be kind, if you send me your experiences with my program (Information's to: Camera, telescope, computer, limiting mag) some comments, links to images taken with WinScan or so. It would be great, if you set a link to my homepage. If you send me your URL, I will set a link to your homepage.

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