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Some links:

SBIG   SBIG homepage   some drift scan images
Research and TDI Imaging  by Alan Holmes
Drift Scan Imaging with an ST-6   by Glenn Gombert and Matt Longmire

Links TDI / Drift Scan Imaging:

Denis Fiel: Occultations (French) How to observe occultations of stars by minor planets
JeanVilar: Driftscan et occultation (French) timing of occultations
Steve Chambers SKY-SURVEY
DriftScan, Seiichiro Kiyota (Japanese) and Image taken by Seiichiro Kiyota (NexStar5 and SBIG ST-9XE)

Lunar Occultation's:

     Observing Lunar Occultation's with CCD´s by drift-scan imaging Joan Genebriera
     CCD drift-scan imaging lunar occultation's Octavi Fors
    Infrared and visual lunar occultations measurements...
     Laszlo Sturmann, Lunar Occultation's, Drift Scanning

Stardial TDI images, 50 mm focal length
TASS, The Amateur Sky Survey --- TASSGeneral Considerations for Drift Scanning
? A Drift in the Night Joy S. Lambert
Ther Carlsberg Meridian Telescope --- Carlsberg Meridian Catalogue 12 especially: documentation for CMC 12 (4.86 MB)
The CMC 12 cat
Flagstaff Astrometric Scanning Transit Telescope (FASTT)
FAME Astrometric satellite
Goodricke-Pigott Observatory Roy A. Tucker, search for Near-Earth Objects.
Cameras Funktionsweise von CCD Kameras (German)
? Princeton The 2.5- Meter Telescope
? Technical aspects of drift-scanning
Distributing Functionality in the Drift Scan Camera System
DriftScan, Seiichiro Kiyota (Japanese) and Image taken by Seiichiro Kiyota (NexStar5 and SBIG ST-9XE)
image an image taken by James Roe with the program SCAN
JimsSlice A program written by James Roe to slice drift scan images, SBIG file format.
CharonAstrometry program, can be also used for drift scan images,(requires Guide)
drift scan images from STARDOME in Auckland New Zealand
EverStar - DriftScanning
Christophe Demeautis: Le driftscan avec AUDINE (French)
Cartographie céleste : mise en œuvre de la technique de drift-scan (French)
NGC 3628 technique du driftscan R, G et B (French) or NGC 3628 RGB driftscan image (English) or ngc3628rvb.JPG
CCD & drift-scan en imagerie astronomique, Benoît Maugis and Le matériel pour le drift-scan and liens (French)
Iris - Audine drift-scan techniques(observation of occultation's) (Audine/Iris) (English) --- (French)
Alain KLOTZ: Test du drift scan avec AudeLA (Audine / Iris) (French)
Audine et Cookbook (French)
Stefano Valentini (Italian): Drift Method -- drift scan images
Photometrie von Aufnahmen aus dem Internet (Stardial), Béla Hassforther German
Quest Papers , Drift Scan Survay     Quest16 CCD Drift-Scan Survey
Drift-Mode CCD readout Users' Manual (check High/Low smear drift mode- speckle images - sub array images)
APO Drift Scanning Handbook
Analyzing a drift-scan
TDI charge-coupled devices: Design and applications by H.-S. Wong, Y. L. Yao, E. S. Schlig (mainly outside of astronomy)

Other astrometry programs, which can be used to evaluate drift scan images:

Other programs to take drift scan images:
MPO Connections
Iris (Audine)(English) --- (French)

Links Astronomy, others:

IAU: Minor Planet Center
ASTROARCHIVE 2archive of messages from mailing lists
Astrometrica Astrometrica, Astrometrie measure the positions of minor planets
AL Kelley CCD Images
links (Korea?)
Near Earth Object Search Society
Earth and moon viewer Shows images of the earth and the moon
many links Physic, Kosmologie, Astronomie u.a.
The International Liquid Mirror Telescope Project
Spectroscopic methods for liquid mirror telescopes(post script)
Liquid Mirror Telescopes in astronomy
Université Laval Liquid mirror telescopes
ASDS ASDS Telescope Manuals
The Near Earth Object Search Society
ash's Astronomy Pages many Links
Spectroheliographie with linear CCD
Peter Armstrong's ScanCam Home Page Using a hand held scanner to take images. (Older page, viewed by WayBackMaschine)

Drift Integration Results (adding video images taken with a fixed telescope and a web cam to long stripes)

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