Take a drift scan image

First, connect the camera with the computer using the parallel port.
(or Ethernet adapter or USB if you have a camera with an USB port)
I would not recommend to use the Ethernet interface for drift scan images, except using a focal length < 1000 mm. See also "Settings-Computer".
Then start the program.
If the Camera is not found, check Camera- Settings Computer. It is assumed, that the camera is focused and orientation of the camera is checked, see:
Orientation of the camera
Then start the program.
If the Camera is not found, check Camera- Settings Computer. Settings - Computer
Check all Settings before starting a drift scan image:
Change Time Date: Check Time and Date and Time Zone
Settings Temperature: Check the settings related to the temperature regulation
Settings Information: Fill in some information's to be stored in the file info
Settings Computer: Address of the parallel port, directory to store the images, control image and other settings.
Settings Change the settings before taking an image
To take a drift scan image the settings in the Settings Form should be set like this in most cases:
Declination - fill in the exact declination
Focal Length - fill in the exact focal length
Sidereal Rate - should be 1.0
CCD - imaging CCD
Binning - 1 x 1 binning in most cases (except very long focal length, ST-7 >4000 mm, ST-8 > 2000 mm )
On Chip binning
Planetary mode - No
Focus (check Box) - not checked
Light or dark frame - light frame
Auto Grab number of images: 1
Brake during taking an image - enabled

At the bottom of the form at the left, there is a Page Control
Chose the Drift Scan Tab Sheet
Time per line s - is calculated
Fixed - do not check that
Mark: Number of lines to read
Set Number of lines to read to about 10000
Time for the whole image s - is calculated
Leave the "FastScan" CheckBox unchecked

The settings may be saved.
After checking all entries, leave this form

Chose Camera - Take drift scan image
The program will ask for a file name to store the image , fill in a file name
The drift scan image will be started
A control image will be shown
The image can be stopped, by pressing ESC
After the image is complete, a message is shown