Take a standard image

This program is specialized to take drift scan images, better use an other program to take standard images
First, connect the camera with the computer using the parallel port.
(or Ethernet adapter or USB if you have a camera with an USB port) Then start the program.
If the Camera is not found, check Camera- Settings Computer Settings - Computer
Or press: Camera - Search camera
Check all Settings before starting an image
Change Time Date: Check Time and Date and Time Zone
Settings Temperature: Check the settings related to the temperature regulation
Settings Information: Fill in some information's to be stored in the file info
Settings Computer: Kind of interface /address of the parallel port, directory to store the images, control image, Zoom and other settings.
Settings Declinating, focal length, binning and other. Change the settings before taking an image
Camera - Settings:
To take a standard image the settings in the Settings Form should be set like this in most cases:
Declination, Focal Length, Sidereal Rate - no entries required.
CCD - imaging CCD (or tracking CCD)
Binning - 1 x 1 binning in most cases
On Chip binning in most cases
Planetary mode - No
(only vertical planetary mode in this program)
Focus (CheckBox) - not checked to save the image.
If you do not want to save the image(s), check the Focus check box, setting Auto Grab , number of images to a high number like 100, you may search for an object slewing the telescope, without saving any images to the hard disk
light or dark frame - light frame
If you want to darksubstract, using an other program (not implemented in this program), you may also take a dark frame, then dark frame must be selected.
Auto Grab number of images - 1 or more
Brake during taking an image - enabled

At the bottom of the form at the left, there is a Page Control
Chose the Standard Tab Sheet
Exposure Time - > 0.11 , < about 3600

The settings may be saved.
after checking all entries, leave this form, pressing "File - Hide"

Chose Camera - Take standard image
The program will ask for a file name to store the image , fill in a file name
The standard image will be started
The image can be stopped, pressing ESC.
A control image will be shown after the image is taken
Downloading the image can be stopped, by pressing ESC
After the image is complete, a message is shown